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Tucsons tribute to the aesthetics of cycling
BikeBeautiful A quote from their site that sums it all up "Tucson Bike Beautiful is a band of artists, aesthetes, cyclists, and wannabees all MAD for this newly imported CYCLE-CHIC "aesthetic cycling" BIKE BEAUTY thing (see if I’ve lost you). We've actually long had Bike Beauty here in the "Old Pueblo", but we didn’t know there was a name for it or that it could be something to particularly celebrate. Some of us just thought ourselves to be a little strange, surrounded by so much… lets just say... ANTI-Cycle-Chic.... Being the proud lot we are here, though, we needed our own name because we think the bike scene here is unique and culturally authentic....We have gorgous cyclists here in Tucson with their own sort of dusty and faded desert style... students, hipsters, racers, cycle tramps, all...and a lot of sunshine... a whole lot more than in freakin’ Denmark I know... Those Danes are so masochistic when it comes to bad weather riding... Oh, the SUFFERING!! The marterdom in the wind and the sleet !! Guys, Ever think about moving to southern France?? !! Hahahahha... That's ok. We do our own version here in the summer time when the weak melt to the pavement on those 110F/45C days..."

Check their web site for more info:
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