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Welcome to World's Best Bike Stickers!

dont-steal-my-bikeWelcome to World's best Bike Stickers. We are an independent print shop based in Tucson, Arizona. We carry more than 200 sticker designs to fit your bicycle's frame and personality, and we are constantly adding more, so check back often. You can use these small stickers on your water bottle, laptop, refrigerator... put them on any surface! We also carry a growing variety of bike-related buttons, patches, shirts and bumper stickers.

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Current Promotions:

  • Stickers-For-Links: We want to share our ideas and love of bicycles with the world so we will send you 10 bike stickers of your choosing for free if you put a link to on your web site or blog!  Sorry no facebook, myspace, or twitter :( Send us an email at with the location of your link and which stickers you want.
  • Design-A-Sticker: Do you have an idea for a bike sticker? Send us your original idea or artwork and if we like it, we'll print it up and send you some for free! The only thing we ask is that we can add it to our inventory. Contact us for more details at
  • Custom Printing: We do custom screen printing of stickers and shirts - and we love to print for bike-related causes. Contact us today for special pricing on a custom job.
  • Promoting Bikes: We will provide material support to non-profit and community-based bike collectives and events. Bike-in movies, community rides, bike swaps, bike shops... we love it all! We can send you stickers and offer discounted printing and other services - just contact us!

Custom Printing

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Visit The Gloo Factory for more information on custom printing for stickers, shirts, buttons, signs, banners, and more! 


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Bike Events

Calendar of bike events across the US and Canada from View events...  

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